list of crypto cafés

The following is a list of cafés and coworking spaces around the world that accept cryptocurrency as payment and that may serve as hubs for crypto people to meetup and collaborate.

daCafé locations (those that accept the BEAN token) are indicated with a bean token logo in the right column.

If you own a café or coworking space and want to become part of our BEAN token network, simply complete this form.

The ‘meetup’ column indicates the next crypto meetup to be held at a specific location. If you want to hold a crypto meetup at one of the independent cafés on this list, please arrange it with the owner or manager of the location, and then complete the following form.

Please note that inclusion in this list does not indicate a partnership with daCafé… however, daCafé (the EOS Café DAC) invites all independent crypto café owners to reach out become active BEAN token holders and voters in our decentralized autonomous community.

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The spreadsheet below is a more detailed look at the same list of crypto cafés and daCafé locations.