The EOS Café DAC, also known as daCafé, is a decentralized autonomous community (DAC), that is guided by holders of the BEAN token. The mission of the DAC is to establish a network of independent coffee shops around the world where people who love freedom, crypto, and coffee, can collaborate on improving our human civilization.

The BEAN Token

The BEAN is the utility and voting token of the EOS Café DAC. The BEAN was airdropped just after Christmas in 2018. This airdrop was based on a snapshot of the EOS mainnet accounts on December 24th, 2018.Most accounts with 100 EOS tokens or greater received BEAN tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

The BEAN token will remain in these accounts until Christmas Day 2019, whereby those BEANs that have not been utilized, will be pulled back into the BEAN token account [5] and distributed to others who may earn and appreciate them.The BEAN token will reward people who meetup in affiliated coffee shops and hacker spaces. 

BEAN holders can become active members in the EOS Café DAC. In the near future, BEANs will be able to be staked for goods and services in the bean token economy.

The BEAN token trades on Newdex and Hoo. Also, a BNT/BEAN relay will open soon on the Bancor Network.

Activation of the DAC

The EOS Café DAC is targeted to automatically activate sometime in the month of July, 2019, when 15% of BEAN token holders become members and vote in the first 12 Custodians.

The EOS Café DAC’s Member Client will be open for BEAN token holders to sign the Constitution and become members soon.

To keep updated follow eoscafe on twitter or ask any question in our communities telegram.